CAC Speaker - Simon Engel

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Sep 20, 2023 7:04:23 PM

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Simon Engel (SAP)

Simon Engel has been a dedicated member of SAP for approximately seven years, currently serving in Product Management & Strategy. In this capacity, he is instrumental in driving, defining, and validating the cross-portfolio product strategy that actualizes the Intelligent Enterprise vision. With a primary focus at the nexus of Payments, Crypto, and Web3, Simon is adept at delineating business value, products, and scalable use cases for enterprises.

Globally attuned, Simon boasts over seven years in the Software and IT sector, having worked in various cities across three continents. His diverse roles have encompassed development, product management, and customer success, especially in the Cloud and Web3 spheres. Additionally, Simon has contributed four years assisting start-ups, helping to refine their concepts and facilitating their growth. In parallel to his core role, Simon mentors both internal and external start-ups at SAP.iO, fostering innovation and guiding them towards investment-readiness. His experience, particularly in the realms of crypto, blockchain, and digital assets, positions Simon Engel as a respected authority in digital transformation.

LinkedIn: Simon Engel