CAC Speaker - Thomas Langbein

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Aug 31, 2023 3:31:51 PM

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Thomas Langbein (Trever)

Thomas Langbein is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Trever, a firm that equips banks and financial institutions with software tailored for trading, management, and transfer of digital assets. In this role, Thomas focuses on guiding Trever's commercial strategies to align with the evolving landscape of blockchain and digital asset solutions. Before joining Trever, Thomas was the Head of Sales and Business Development at Blocksize Capital, where he played a key role in shaping sales strategies centered around blockchain and crypto innovations. Earlier in his career, Thomas deepened his consultancy expertise as a Senior Manager at both Accenture and Kampmann Management Consultants. His experience as a Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young (EY) further solidified his understanding of the digital finance domain. Thomas Langbein's diverse background in both financial services and consultancy positions him as a knowledgeable figure in the blockchain and digital assets sector, contributing significantly to Trever's ongoing initiatives.

LinkedIn: Thomas Langbein